John Assaraf – 6th Annual Brain-a-thon

What do the world’s wealthiest people, NASA astronauts, Olympic athletes and the Navy seals all have in common?

They all realize that the difference between victory and defeat comes from upgrading their mindset.

The top performers in any field spend a large majority of their time upgrading their brains.

They realize that the secret to getting that unfair advantage or edge over their competition starts in their mind.

Now, if you’re not performing at the level you know you’re capable of… and if you’re not earning the kind of money you know you deserve, the reason is probably because you haven’t worked on upgrading your brain.

When you upgrade your brain, it’s very easy to upgrade your income.

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John Assaraf, founder of NeuroGym, is bringing together 7 of the world’s top brain science and success experts for one purpose:

To show you how to upgrade your brain, so you can upgrade your income.

This is the biggest, most transformative personal growth event of the year.

This year’s event features brand new experts, brand new, never before seen content, and reveals more new breakthroughs that can help you achieve up to your highest potential in life.

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